Gambling in Las Vegas

Don’t worry about all that you don’t need all the details all the time you get most of the details Most humph now you probably get most of the heat you probably get on You get some details. Oh That’s my new shit no more what up is the truth I’m sick saying that shit Hello, I know what you’re saying yeah, they want to hear it but why it’s so dumb I don’t even want to start saying this shit in the first place. What up, this is trooper Damn, let’s go Shit it’s hot as a G double hockey sticks out here. Where’s my car? Where my car is We’re my shit at Actually, it’s nowhere to be found, huh maybe I parked oh There it is Yo, oh my gosh.

It’s gotta be I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna guess 113 Not even it’s 108 crazy, right How come when it was 114 the other day, it did not feel as hot as it feels today SOPA dad Are you doing trooper mobile? All right So, what do we got some Monday action going Monday afternoon 242 in the PM? Yeah, that’s what we got going I’m gonna head out to the strip and play some poker because I have plans later tonight. Wha?

But for right now, I have no idea where to go play I would like to play at Harrah’s because I would like to you know what I was thinking about So I was talking about Harrah’s and the free roll 13 hours from Thursday – Thursday, and the free roll is on Thursday, and I’m like alright Well, I should play this free rolls $10,000 30 people get paid blah blah blah, right? Just because if I’m gonna be playing at Harrah’s anyway I’m always playing like in all these places and then there’s free money – to get and I don’t pay attention to it So will be better if I do pay attention to it The problem is is that the damn free rolls on Thursday, and I’m like, wait a minute. Oh crap, that’s trooper Thursday But I mean the free roll starts at like 10:00 a.m.

I think So we’ll certainly be over with but that means I gotta get up extra early So, I don’t know I might give it a try anyway So according to Bravo Harris doesn’t have a game yet they have a couple names on the list but no game Caesars on the other hand has six games going You know, this is the problem I don’t know where is the best place for me to go today I Would like to maximize my time But I don’t know I don’t know The washio has 13 games, but it’s a large variety. There’s 4 1 3 s and 3 2 fives. I Kind of want to play to 5 at at the same time. I’m not in the mood for it. Are ya Aria has Shipped 3-1 threes and two to five One day and what feels like an extremely distant future It’ll be cooler outside and it’ll be easy to move from one casino to the next For right now, I parked in Harrah’s See if anything has changed With the list by the time I get down there. If not, I’ll cross the street Hit Starbucks go through the forum shops and play at Caesars Why not a PQ problem indicates that Harrah’s is starting a game right now, or maybe they just started it Yeah what I didn’t mean you’ve done I’ll say who King.

It’s a heads up cash online baccarat canada game. One guy has $100. I could have seen the other guys stack, but I’m assuming it was close to the same. I Mean could be fun to jump in and be the third guy but someone I’m looking for today That’s tasty ice coffee action going You know, I hate this term, I hate it but Pretty decent game here at Caesars pretty decent the guy on my left is just dying to get rid of his $500 stack But I got a piece so bad iced coffee just like it’s worse, right But here’s something that really hates.

I had to pee I Played all the way through under the gun And then I forgot and posted the big blonde because I played by under the gun hand So I forgot I’m loosing the big blind So now I had to wait a whole I don’t have to but I did wait the whole entire orbit and the pocket You know that shit was so good I haven’t really eaten today what you know about them carne asada fries boy It’s that time that time for me to leave the poker game My game was pretty decent today. I won 357 and I don’t know the last two times that played at Caesars I actually enjoyed it and the game was actually pretty decent I may have to give it give it a whirl. If you were a little more often Jim gelato.

It looks great Did I say I won I did if I didn’t say I did? 3:57 I would have stayed longer but I got somewhere to be I know what you thinking trooper where you got to be Don’t worry about all that You can’t you don’t need all the details all the time. You get most of the details Most um, I know what you thinking trooper what made the game good well, there was the do to my left that was pretty volatile and He actually bought a pretty good bluff on this lady Where he went on and on about how he had four clubs on the river It was like if I got four clubs, I went right by bought kept on going bet a hundred And she folded and he showed her ace Jack high which was a gutshot the whole way, but he was pretty volatile I watched him go from three hundred to six hundred to four hundred to one hundred in a relative time That was a good part of the game and the rest of it was just softness like Warm grass-fed butter I ain’t even good coffee, man I ain’t even gonna get a coffee We knew this chair right look at this chair I mean I would have a pretty stink look on my face if people will put their ass on the back of my head all day long Yeah, it’s hot out here today it was super hot earlier please it felt super high You heard that new wall combined. It was like, oh, it’s hot. I Told you it’s not just me. I’m not lying.

What’s the point? Oh, I don’t think there is a point What’s the point – tomorrow is Tuesday? What’s the plan for Tuesday trooper? I don’t know. You know, it’s not even August yet I mean, I guess it’s gonna be August what in a couple days. Oh my goodness.

I’ll be glad when this is over Tomorrow’s gonna be a good day. I don’t exactly know how or why but it’s going be a good day. You can believe that I’m headed back to the Casa del Cooper right now. Remember?