eSports Highlights

They’re going to their grave. Anatolich 666 has a hellish HP. RubThe oh! Almost! Grifon just saved RubTheRob!

All of the yoe Flash Wolves are ready for this to happen. Look at that! They’re focusing studentyaya. So studentyaya might be the first one to fall. Yeah, he goes down.

But they should be… Actually I might be wrong here! Yeah! Oh, brilliant! Yeah brilliant. Three T32s have been taken down. Only that little difference right now.

That’s how small the margin these guys are playing at right now. Look at this HugoStrange! Oh my god! A huge wreck! KycoK dodging another!

There’s the damage though! Cauz takes another 574. applewOw has just found KycoK Just needs to land these 3 shells he has right now. He got the first!

He needs the second! Just goes 29HP! Oh my word! It’s gonna be a one-shot! applewOw’s just about done it!

I think getting back with the AMX 13 90 actually will land the shot. It’s the one shot that counts right now. Let’s see if he’s gonna get it. 4 seconds remain. koreez still stands! He’s done damage on the last second!

applawOw somehow clutched it for team Dignitas. 8 seconds to capture. Need to reduce. Someone needs to reduce now. Why doesn’t Sovetnik ram? I don’t know.

3 seconds! 2! Come on guys on this website!

What are you waiting? One second to capture! Falcon reduced! Good! In the last seconds! Sovetnik go tank, jeez!

What are you doing? I think they won already. Three tanks. Three tanks that are controlled. Reloaded!

That’s why he waited. LifeForSurf. Fatality gone. Yes, Sovetnik just finished off everyone he could.

2 – 2! That’s 1 – 1. Why didn’t ESC play this well before? He’s trying to come in here, but NouMi has 60 health, tries to circle on Another shot! Oh!

Griftz misses that killing blow on NouMi here. Maybe going for the ram. Almost flipping him over!

Look at that! Griftz now is in danger here! NouMi in a little bit of danger here. He does manage to finish him off. Now Vandok here.

On the Efficiency side they did lose a T32. Oh! Slyfox!

Yes! He kinda got down there took a chance. Come on!

Will they reduce? Pavlik comes in! He needs to shoot! Yes!

Rams him! Good! Once again get the tank up up the hill like doing extreme damage Calliope going out first though! Onionhead is gonna follow. Onionhead is down.

And they also have the heavier lineup so the thing is yoe iron making once again… Oh! He was taken down by a T1!!! No way!

I don’t believe it! T1 took down a tier 8! Yes, the cap is almost finished. Let’s see it. Here a T1 hides behind AMX 100s.

One 100 – armageddon must shield others. And Grifon and SoulGuard must hide. They can’t reduce the cap. Yes!

Reduced in the last second from a flank! Good! Reduced. LiveForSurf shot the wrong one! He must shoot Grifon! Armageddon, cover Grifon.

Shield SoulGuard! 3-2-1… RatDesert is battling in the center. Reduce the cap! Done! One second!

Reduce again! It’s a kill! Come on! Reduced! One more shot! Ow-ow-ow!

How did they manage to pull off this battle?