What was your first game?

This is my home state and it is always a little bit cheaper to go to your home state’s university. Knoxville’s pretty crazy. They call it Knoxvegas where I am from Johnson City, Tennessee. It is not actually that wild, but there is stuff to do. Johnson City, Tennessee, which is about an hour and […]

An Amateur Gaming Tournament

Playing video games with the idea of showing that you are better than someone. Putting it on the leader board. But that goes all the way up to these big, huge, professional tournaments where you see 500 teams enter in something like Heroes of the Dorm with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. Winners […]

An Explosion In The eSports World

I am playing for the Tricky Turtles at Heroes of the Dorm 2016. Second grade my friend introduced me to computer gaming. And from then on, it just started going from one game to another And here I am playing Heroes. My parents, when I was young, they used to hate when I played. But […]

Gambling And Social Responsibility

I look at gambling from a social responsibility level and and family you can just you know tap away but me like and have meaningless entertainment in my opinion is is not really a socially responsible thing I think to have you know the game has to entertain and if you can’t entertain without quick […]