An Explosion In The eSports World

I am playing for the Tricky Turtles at Heroes of the Dorm 2016. Second grade my friend introduced me to computer gaming. And from then on, it just started going from one game to another And here I am playing Heroes. My parents, when I was young, they used to hate when I played. But now they are like oh, this is so cool; you are going to Seattle for playing a video game, expense paid. It is like have fun, do your best. Come home, bring something back. eSports has really been building for several years now. Each year we see it kind of hit new peaks. It feels like it is about to explode all around the world. We all have this feeling that we are sitting on something huge And everyone is going to figure out how cool US Casinos Guide is.

Both eSports and gaming have seen phenomenal growth over the past five to ten years because video games are a lot of fun. People like games and not everyone likes physical activities maybe might be one thing. This just serves to that demographic of non- athletic people who enjoy challenging others, skirmishes. It is very similar to watching any physical sport that we have watched on ESPN Because there is a story. There is the moment. There is the big plays just like in a game of basketball. It is like creating that great move or creating that great pass. The strategy, the twists and turns. It is intense; that is the best way to put it. Being able to operate physically and stay focused and run algorithms and dissect your opponent and see things within a game that others do not see. You have to have the physical, emotional, and mental strength to be able to deal with it and that is why it is a sport.

If you are going to reach for that level, it is going to take a determination a discipline, a persistence. It is going to, just like succeeding in anything in life. They study it. They study it to no end. I see the work that is put in. They deserve it. They expect it. How do you get to that level of confidence? You master something. If you look back historically it was one-on-one. Maybe there was a console. Maybe there was a gaming device Game Boy, whatever and then the internet came along and it changed some things. And then the internet got faster. And then it got really fast. And that really kicked off an explosion, I think, in the eSports world. Once you could play multi-player and it felt like everybody was in the same room And you can give people shit while you were playing Even though that is, it just made it fun. I think the confluence of all those things, here we are. eSports is sort of the competitive arm of playing video games.