An Amateur Gaming Tournament

Playing video games with the idea of showing that you are better than someone. Putting it on the leader board. But that goes all the way up to these big, huge, professional tournaments where you see 500 teams enter in something like Heroes of the Dorm with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. Winners taking home college tuition. Heroes of the Dorm is an amateur tournament and it has a completely different focus than the rest of eSports. It is focused on college teams playing not for prize money, but for tuition. It is really different than anything else out there right now. For you guys, what has been more stressful, this or finals? Midterms. Yeah, for me, midterms. Yeah, for midterms for sure. (UNCLEAR) And what’s more important? This is. I really like the approach of Heroes of the Dorm getting all the college kids involved. It can be a little bit daunting for anyone really get into it as a competitor because all the tournaments are professional. You go sign up for a tournament and you are going to hit someone that has already been playing for five years all day, every day.

You are not going to have a chance. At its core, Heroes of the Dorm is for students. It is for giving them a way to meet over something they care about to relate to other people that they may not have anything else in common over. It is for them to have an opportunity to do something they love at a high level and to devote energy into something that might pay for their college careers. And it is a way to inspire them to reach out for those dreams and to become a part of something they really care about whether that is as a player or as a fan or as part of a college organization. The attention that is being paid to this generation’s focus and their desire to compete with each other is exactly where it needs to be.

I was supported in college playing collegiate basketball. I am screaming from the top of the mountain every day. Why? Because I recognize it. I see it. I connect to it. I understand it. We speak the same language. And that is a great thing to create an outlet like that where students that love the game and all come together and share the same interest. That is what it is all about. University of Tennessee, we are also known as We Volin. Bunch of characters. Really great guys. I like them. I am a people person. I am ready to be there. I am ready to do it, man. This is my first year competing in Heroes of the Dorm. Last year, I did not make a team because I did not expect the South just in general I did not think it would have the amount of talent that would be needed to make an actual team. My name is David Young, also known as Roflcopter and I go to the school at University of Tennessee Knoxville.